5 Stop Michigan Nature Road Trip

5 Stop Michigan Nature Road Trip

Michigan is full of beautiful locations. From waterfalls to sand dunes, Michigan simply has so much to offer. So if you're looking for authentic and unique experiences, why not tackle some of the fun summer road trip ideas? Here are five stops you definitely won't want to miss on your summer road trip!


1. Saginaw Bay

Turnip Rock with kayakers around it

 Saginaw Bay is a great area for family vacations and small getaways. Port Austin, Michigan is a small lakeside community that has old character and rustic charm you’ll want to experience. The best way to visit Saginaw Bay and take in the views is from your kayak and paddle over to Turnip Rock and marvel at the shape of this island in the middle of the bay. After a day on the water stop int Pak's Backyard restaurant and beer garden right on the water for lunch or dinner!



2. Tahquamenon Falls 

Waterfall with greenery surrounding it in Michigan's Upper Peninsula

 Stop and get some snacks before the journey to the next destination; Michigan’s Upper Penninsula. Camp at the Tahquamenon Falls State Park or if you prefer hotels the Tahquamenon Suited Lodging. Take a quick hike, see, and hear the marvel of Tahquamenon Falls surrounded by beautiful forestry. 



3. Pictured Rocks

Pictured Rocks shoreline and Lake Superior

 Next take the scenic drive next to the beautiful Lake Superior till you find yourself at Pictured Rocks.  A beautiful place filled with breathtaking waterfront cliffs that look like they have been stained a variety of beautiful colors. There are multiple ways to experience this place, from hiking trails along the shoreline, renting a pontoon, or taking a kayak tour there is something here for everyone.


4. Headlands - International Dark Sky Park

night sky shot at a dark park

 Next stop is the Headlands. You will want to be there at night so I would recommend a late night travel. Michigan has one of 60 International Dark Sky Parks and the Headlands is one of them! This is a hidden gem that many don’t talk about, but is amazing to witness. Here you will find the darkest skies with no light pollution. Shut your phones off and witness the sky like you have never experienced it before.



5. Silver Lake Sand Dunes

Silver Lake Sand Dunes guy driving up a sand dune on a 4 wheeler

 Lastly, is one of my favorite places Silver Lake Sand Dunes. Rent a dune buggy to go off-roading, rent a boat, or spend all day in a lake town and by Lake Michigan. This is a fun location for the whole family and a great close out of a road trip!



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